Best quality 3000-5000kg car elevator cost//Freight elevator/Fire elevator/Car Lift

Car Elevator Car Lift specifications


Load(kg) Speed(m/s) Door opening type Entrance (mm) Exterior size of car (mm) Hoistway net size (mm) Pit depth (mm) Top floor height (mm) Machine room size (mm)
3000 0.25/0.5 Double fold center opening 2400*2200 2670*6360 4300*6360 1700 5000 4500*7000*3000
5000 0.25/0.5 Double fold center opening 2800*2400 3500*7200 4800*7560 1700 5200 5000*8500*3000 size inside reference

Capacity load(kg) Car net size inside (m2)
3000 ≤15
4000 ≤20
5000 ≤25


Automobile elevator introdution

With the development of economy,people’s lives are improving constantly and cars are gradually emerging in the common households.The automobile elevators developed by Shanghai FUJI  Elevator Co,Ltd,fully employ the years of expertise of German in manufacturing automobile elevators.The elevators are developed with an account of the domestic market situation and by means of employing highly matured VF technology to realize precise speed control,which avoids the noise and vibration of the cabins caused by increased load of the traction system due to the uneven force on the cabin and best optimizes the characteristics of this product series,making it safer and more reliable for the entry of cars.


The advantageous performances of automobile elevator

1.Car is equipped with two control button box ,don’t out of the car,you can control the lift.

2.The car in the ground with safety-oriented devices,to ensure the lifts and car safety.

3.Dedicated circuit control and display system,which is convenient car in the driver,waiting outside the ladder and convenient sedan drivers.

4.Before and after the door of the car elevator,the car can easier to access safety.


Functions List of Car Elevator

  • with/without drive operation
  • Automatic return to the base landing
  • Automatic landing
  • Call cancel when begin reverse-running
  • Cage door opening when elevator arrives the floor where there is a hall call
  • Door opening / closing call indication
  • Indication in the cage when hall calling
  • Self-Learning of shaft data
  • Full load non-stop operation
  • Overload alarm, Car Operating panel display: “OL”
  • Alarming device
  • In-car and m/r inter talk device
  • Light and fan auto-control
  • Elevator Locking Device
  • Door closing time auto delaying
  • False-call canceling
  • Emergency Light
  • Driven over current protection
  • Door opening / closing time-limited protection
  • Rope sliding protection
  • Door Nudging
  • Trouble self-diagnosis and memory
  • Over speed falling protection
  • Top/Bottom landing overpass protection
  • Inspection Operation
  • Floor display
  • Light curtain protection with mechanical safety edge
  • Fireman’s return switch

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