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Company Information About Shanghai Fuji Elevator Co.,Ltd

Shanghai FUJI Elevator Co.,Ltd. originated in 1985 belong to the very large group,da hai holding,is the first national AA level professional elevator manufacturing,installation,modifocation,maintenance license.Located in no.299 baofeng road,xuxing town,jiading district,Shanghai,the company is the headquarters center integrating elevator,escalator,mechanical parking equipment R&D,production,marketing,display and training.The company has a professional comprehensive product display and customer experience center,4.0 on behalf of the industry’s advanced level of automated production lines,elevators dedicated test facilities and Internet data monitoring center,the quality and safety operation of the elevator provides a reliable guarantee.The 108-meter modern test tower has become a landmark in the area.The company can produce up to 10000 sets of annual production capacity,and provide a comprehensive elevator solution for the three-dimensional transportation of various buildings.


FUJI elevator core technology originates from Japan,through the comprehensive technical innovation,optimizes the integration of the global elevator industry resources,and fully creates the elevator products that meet the needs of the middle and high-end market.At home,the company has specialized cooperation with Shanghai Jiaotong university and east China institute of science and technology,and carries out professinal research and development in elevator high-tech,energy conservation and environmental protection and high security.Henk elevator is now in the product design,production,installation and the whole process quality monitoring and other aspects to reach and exceed the European market similar products standard.


There is no best,only better.FUJI elevator is the best practitioner in the global elevator industry ,the leader in safety technology,the leader in energy conservation and environmental protection technology,and the technology of high-tech humanization service technology.




Product Information


Passenger elevator(Machine room)

Apart from the effective and intellectual control system, the small machine room elevator also applies small traction machine and thin control cabinet design, which make the machine room smaller and the layout more compact. The new generation small machine room elevator truly fulfill the company’s energy-saving concept.


It greatly saves the space

Machine room is only an extension of the well. It is convenient in construction and low in cost. The application of compact gearless traction machine leaves a larger space for machine room.


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