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Shanghai FUJI Elevator Co., Ltd, originated in 1995, is the first national AA level professional elevator manufacturing, installation, modification, maintenance license. Located in no.528 Ruiqing road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, the company is the headquarters center integrating elevator, escalator, mechanical parking equipment r&d, production, marketing, display and training. The company has a professional comprehensive product display and customer experience center,4.0 on behalf of the industry’s advanced level of automated production lines, elevators dedicated test facilities and Internet data monitoring center, the quality and safety operation of the elevator provides a reliable guarantee.FUJI elevator core technology originates from Japan, through the comprehensive technical innovation, optimizes the integration of the global elevator industry resources, and fully creates the elevator products that meet the needs of the middle and high-end market.FUJI elevator is now in the product design, production, installation and the whole process quality monitoring and other aspects to reach and exceed the European market similar products standard.
FUJI New Design Fashinon Small Home Lift Villa Elevator for Sale


1. Japan advanced technology
FUJI introduced Japan elevator core technology,continuous innovation,always maintain the industry’s technology leadership.
2. Safe and reliable
FUJI passenger elevator puts safety the first place, to ensure each passenger’s safe delivery to destination.
3. Space configurability
From the view of space saving, FUJI passenger elevator make new layout of machiine room, improved the space availability.
4. Energy saving and environment friendly
FUJI passenger elevator adopts gearless permanent magnet synchronous machine to save energy and protect environment.
5. Excellent management team
FUJI has an outstanding management team,in world’s huge elevator market,with high effciency,professional,will FUJI quality to your side.
6. Free custom-made
Customers can customized apperance for their own elevators from aspects of car finish, design, ceiling and floor materials.



Standard Function Optional Function
1 Complete set of election function 16 Direct docking 1 Parallel function
2 ldle back to base station function 17 Self-learning function of shaft 2 Group control function
3 Anti-disturbance function 18 Lock the ladder function 3 Voice reporting station function
4 Overload protection 19 Car energy saving function 4 Deputy control box function
5 Full load straight 20 Maintenance operation 5 Handicapped function
6 Independent operation 21 Light curtain protection 6 Remote monitoring of the internet of things
7 Open the door in advance function 22 Terminal floor protection 7 IC card function
8 Close button closes early 23 Fire forced landing function 8 Emergency power leveling function
9 Sedan and floor station micro-motion command button 24 Emergencylighting 9 Cell monitoring function
10 Car interior floor the direction of instructions 25 Five-party call 10 Open the door to keep the function
11 Lobby floor direction 26 Alarm 11 Air conditioning for elevator
12 Error instruction delete function 27 Brake feedback detection funtion FUJI elevator gives customers a variety of product experiences.
Please contact us if you have any interest in our products.
We are glad to help you with excellent service!
13 Driver operation 28 Speed feedback detection funtion
14 Low-speed self-help function 29 Contactor feedback detection funtion
15 Car arrival clock 30 Start torque automatic compensation







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