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SH FUJI Escalator


SH FUJI series escalator products, in accordance with current European standards and Chinese standards, the application of new materials and advanced technology to design, manufacture, combined with a German romantic style, to ensure high-quality products and elegant comfort. There are two angles to choose from, 35 degrees for you to save floor space elevator, escalator 30 degrees to provide you with a better running comfort.


Traveling Height:4500-9000mm or it can customized

Angle: 30 degree, 35 degree
Step width: 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm

Capacity:9000 P/hour


1. Raw Material

We stictly check and contol the quality of raw materials.

QC department will check all the materials, when raw material comes to factory, we refused any cuounterfeit products. Only qualified material will get into raw material warehouse


2. Producing management

Production department will make the production according to enginner’s instrution.

There is a agenda in each workshop showing the production plan everyday. By this way, The workers are

All clearly know which project is producing now. Then check the machines status before operation.


3. Packing

We apply solid plywood which can stand long time sea shipping. For some important parts, like control cabinet,

Door operator and motor, parts will be covered by a strong film first, with desiccant, before put into boxes.





4. Quality Control

1) All raw materials will be checked before get into warehouse. And bulk electronic product do sampling inspection. All parts must have qualified certificate from suppliers

Worker1 is responsible for this.

2) After elevator and escalator finished, We will test the match of elevator motor and control cabinet, and the running condition of escalator and moving walks.

3) Workers will install some main parts before packing, such as cabin/supporting beam of motor, in case any hole is not accurate.

4) After packed, we will check package condition for each parts, and takes photo for further reference.

5) When delivery, we will check if all parts packed in container to avoid any missing, and take photos for further reference.



5. After Sales Service

1) Entrust maintenance to local agent.

2) Arranged by customer.

3) If necessary, we provide training for customer.

4) We arrange professtional workers for installation and commision. But buyer need to inform us 1 month advance for visa.


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